From the 2019/2020 season all ACA (Auckland Cricket Association) junior grades are determined by 'age at'. The date for determining age this season is April 1st 2020. School years are no longer used for hardball cricket.

If your child would like to play in a different grade than determined by their birth date please register them in their age group then contact the grade convener to discuss. 

For more information, contact your grade convener or juniors@northshorecricket.co.nz.

  • Little League Junior: (school years 1&2): jontypreed@gmail.com
  • Little League Senior: (school years 3&4): martyn_sinclair@hotmail.com
  • Boys U10:Anthony Wesney: anthonywesney@gmail.com
  • Boys U11: Catherine Etheredge: CEtheredge@nzsuperfund.co.nz 
  • Boys U12: Shawn Lewis 021989146
  • Boys U13: Mark Davies 021303746 
  • Mixed U13 and Teen Tonk:  Nelson Watson: nelson.watson@gmail.com
  • Girls U11, U13 & U16: Johanna Melhuish 021398640

For coaching questions contact Tendai cricketspirit@northshorecricket.co.nz

About Junior Cricket at North Shore

The North Shore 'Junior Club' is well organised and structured and very active in promoting cricket to children in the local area.

Our mission is to encourage children to play, providing excellent facilities and support - all in an enjoyable, safe environment.

Over the last few years the junior club has grown from strength to strength with over 300 boys and girls. There are many talented young players and some may even go on to play for New Zealand!

There are sections in the junior club. The Junior Little League is for children in school years 1 & 2 and Senior Little League for children in years 3 & 4. From school year 5 and up grades are determined by the childs age as at April 1st. There are boys grades at Under 10, 11, 12 and 13 and girls at Under 11, Under 13 and Under 16. To review the playing conditions for any grade go HERE

For any variation to play in a grade outside a child's year group a request must be made to the junior committee and in some cases dispensation has to be received from Auckland Cricket. Age, stage and friendships are all important. 

Little League (both senior and junior) is played at the Devonport Domain. Most games are on Saturday mornings, there are a couple of Friday afternoon/evenings during the summer.

For ACA grades (under 10 and up) games are played home and away. Generally games are on a Saturday, there are some midweek options available at some age groups. Midweek (Thursday) games are avaiable in both hardball and plastic ball cricket. Plastic ball is fantastic for beginners or those that want to have a game without wearing protective gear. The club provides all gear needed for plastic ball games. All midweek games are held on the Peninsula.

The club offers coaching sessions to all grades as part of the subscription. We do not ask for parent volunteers to run training sessions mid week but teams do need parental support for games. 

The success of the club is not only attributable to the enthusiastic committee members, but also to the many parents who willingly help out with scoring, coaching, managing teams and other duties. Many thanks to all involved.