Why we wear the Scimitars

The curved, one-sided scimitar was a feared, death weapon used only to attack, never defend. Although it was used predominantly during the Middle Ages, it came originally from pre-biblical times in Persia where it was the weapon of choice of warrior horsemen.

Heavy, it has had an extremely sharp edge along the whole length of the outside curve and was never used for delicate, defensive parrying. Rather, it was swung overhead like a helicopter propeller and used to slice an opponents head off in one blow. It could also cut through any opponent’s protective armour.

It also had a tricky, innovative nick on the reverse side, which was used to hook an opponent’s sword to wrench it out of their hands, leaving them defenceless.

A scimitar suggests a decisive action, cutting time into a before and after.

As a propeller, it suggests action, progress, and motion.

In a sense, this is the way North Shore has always played its cricket.