"The Shore Way"

Down through the 150 year history of North Shore has evolved an attitude, an approach to the game that has produced a positive style of play that distinguishes us from all others.

At North Shore we don’t just simply play cricket, we simply play to win.  We never accept the concept of losing and never wave the white flag.  It’s about never sitting back and waiting for things to happen, it’s about going out and making things happen.  It is about taking the attack to the opposition and being prepared to take calculated risks to force an advantage - even if losing is a possibility.

It is about putting pressure on batsmen, maintaining that pressure to force a breakthrough, then finishing it off.  It is about having self-belief as a team to chase down any score, regardless of the time or number of overs available.

It’s about taking personal responsibity, preparing hard and trusting your ability.  It’s about trusting your teammates to do the same, celebrating their successes to motivate and inspire even greater achievements.

It’s about sharing the camaraderie, the unashamed pride in The North Shore Club, its history, its success and the people that have gone before and the desire to leave your mark and make a difference for those that are to follow.

Positive, Pride and Passion.

That is "The Shore Way".