Registration is open for Junior World Series 2020. Players from clubs other than NSCC may register using the link below. Registering for JWS does not make you a member of NSCC. *NB we have a new software system this year. Unless you are currently playing for NSCC you should register as a 'new member'.

Registrations are OPEN for Juniors and Seniors. All junior and senior players must be registered before playing.

We have a registration and information day if you have any questions before you register. This is on Sunday September 15th from 2-5 pm at the club rooms.  

'Age at' for juniors is assessed as at 1 April 2019.

Juniors, BEFORE beginning registration please read about changes for this season HERE

Seniors - ALL players must register. If you would like to enter a team please conatct Tendai