Junior Practice cancellations:

The Cricket Manager will make a call if practices need to be cancelled by about 2.45 pm and this will be posted on the website (scroll down on home page if viewing from a mobile phone).

Predicting the weather is an inexact science and involves a lot of viewing of websites, repeatedly looking at the rain radar and staring wonderingly at the sky.

We do our best!

Practices may also be cancelled if the ground conditions are too wet or the council close the ground even if the sky is currently blue. If it has rained during the day still check the website.


Game cancellations:

LLJ and LLS: Cancellations are usually decided by 7 am Saturday and your teams manager will get in touch by their usual method of team communication.

Grades from U10 up: Auckland Cricket advises cancellations here (by 7 am for morning grades or by 9 am for afternoon grades). It is RARE that Auckland Cricket do a blanket cancellation as the city is large and weather can be localised. Team managers should make contact in the event of bad weather or a poor forecast to arrange a time to chat on Saturday morning.

If the weather is bad in a certain area or if the wicket has been affected by weather the home team manager and the away team manager should discuss and make a call on play by about 7 am. Contact your team manager if you are unsure.